Malaysian Navy’s 2nd Scorpene to arrive at Sepanggar Submarine Base in June

The country’s second Scorpene submarine the KD Tun Abdul Razak is scheduled to arrive at the Sepanggar submarine base in June. The navy’s Submarine Commander First Admiral Mohammad Rosland Omar said the second submarine was undergoing its second phase of trials by the manufacturer Navatia in waters off Cartanega in Spain.

He said the tests were expected to be completed by March and it will take about two months for the vessel to make its journey back to its home base.“Come early June, we will have our two submarines here,” he told reporters after a “Quality Day” event at the Sepanggar Bay naval base here Tuesday.The KD Tun Abdul Razak is the second submarine after the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived at its home base on Sept 17 last year.

Rosland said more personnel would be trained to man submarines to meet the navy’s future needs.Region II Commander for Sabah and Sarawak First Admiral Anuwi Hassan said they have already put in place operations and programmes for the two submarines to carry out in the next two years.


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