Russia's Latest ICBM - RT-2UTTH Topol M

The RT-2UTTKh Topol-M, NATO reporting name: SS-27 Sickle B is one of the most recent intercontinental ballistic missiles to be deployed by Russia and the first to be developed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The Topol-M is a cold-launched, three-stage, solid-propellant, silo-based or road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile.The missile's length is 22.7 m and the first stage has a body diameter of 1.9 m. The mass at launch is 47,200 kg, including the 1000 ~ 1200 kilogram payload. It carries a single 550 kT warhead. According to chief designer Yury Solomonov, the missile can carry four to six warheads along with decoys.

Its minimum range is estimated to be 2,000 km and the maximum range 10,500 km. The operating speed is reported to be 17,400 km/h. It has three solid rocket stages with inertial, autonomous flight control utilizing an onboard GLONASS receiver. It is reputed to have the highest accuracy of any Russian ICBM with a circular error probable(CEP) of 200m.

The Topol-M may be deployed either inside a reinforced missile silo or from a launcher mounted on the MZKT-79921 16-wheeled transporter-erector-launcher.This mobile launcher is capable of moving through roadless terrain, and launching a missile from any point along its route.

It is operated by the Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces with 65 missiles deployed as per 2009.


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