Royal Navy’s Latest Destroyer is Launched

The sixth and last of the Royal Navy’s powerful new Type 45 Destroyers was launched today on the Clyde.
The 7,500 tonne warship HMS Duncan has been built by BAE Systems using 2,800 tonnes of steel - more than used in Blackpool Tower. This equates to 100,000 square metres and is covered with 40 tonnes of paint.

Marie Ibbotson, wife of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief Fleet Vice Admiral Richard Ibbotson, sent the Type 45 down the slipway on the anniversary of the Royal Navy’s significant victory over the Dutch fleet in 1797 which was led by Admiral Adam Duncan after whom the ship is named.

On his first visit to the Clyde as Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Minister, Peter Luff, watched the launch and met members of the shipyard workforce. He said :
“The launch of HMS Duncan is the culmination of a huge effort by workers here on the Clyde, across the country throughout the supply chain, and in the MOD, completing this class of potent warfighters of which everyone involved can be very proud.

“Following on from HMS Daring being declared in service and the successful first firing of the Sea Viper missile system, this is another significant milestone in the delivery of a truly world-class air defence capability to the Royal Navy.”

Equipped with the Sea Viper missile system, the Type 45 will be able to engage multiple airborne or sea skimming targets from any direction at supersonic speed, helping her to provide unrivalled protection to the fleet from the most sophisticated aircraft or missiles.

Commander-in-Chief Fleet Admiral Sir Trevor Soar said:
“The Type 45 is world class. These ships are as versatile as they are powerful. Providing flexible global reach they will deliver broad utility, common to maritime forces, and give the UK military, diplomatic and political options, with their ability to exert effect on land from the sea. This ranges from deterrence and conflict prevention right up to high intensity war fighting and all points between.

“Naturally her war-fighting capability includes the ability to engage hostile forces using the Sea Viper missile system, her gun or other onboard weapon systems, while her Ship’s Company provide anything from boarding parties that deter and disrupt pirates, to landing ashore for the provision of humanitarian disaster relief. HMS Duncan can also deploy up to 60 Royal Marines Commandos and their equipment and operate a range of helicopters from her flight deck. These are fantastic ships and I look forward to HMS Duncan joining the Fleet.”

Duncan is affiliated to Dundee and Belfast. She completes the Class of six Type 45 warships along with Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon and Defender. She is expected to enter service in 2014.
Background Information

Duncan is named after Viscount Adam Duncan of Camperdown. Her ship’s motto is ‘Secundis dubusque rectus’ (Upright in prosperity and peril). Construction began on the ship early in 2007.

The Type 45s are the largest and most powerful destroyers ever ordered for the Royal Navy. They have a range of around 7,000 nautical miles which equates to travelling to New York and back without refuelling. Each gas turbine on the ship produces about 24 Megawatts of power.

Type 45 Programme Progress

Ship 1 - HMS Daring was declared in service with the Royal Navy in July 2009.
Ship 2 – HMS Dauntless was Commissioned into the Royal Navy in June 2009. Sea Viper was fired from HMS Dauntless on 29 September in the first firing of the missile from a Type 45 platform.
Ship 3 – HMS Diamond was accepted off contract at Portsmouth Naval Base in September.
Ship 4 – Dragon will shortly commence her first set of Sea Trials.
Ship 5 – Defender was launched on the Clyde in October 09 and is currently being fitted out on the Clyde.


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