Sukhoi Hands Over Su-34 Bombers to Russian Air Force

V.P.Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association (NAPO) handed over to the Russian AF two batch-production Su-34 frontline fighter-bombers produced in the framework of the national defense order for 2009. The planes have already arrived to the Russian AF Lipetsk Center for Combat Use and Flight Training.

In accordance with the 5-year state contract with the Ministry of Defense signed in 2008, NAPO will produce 32 Su-34 fighter-bombers till 2013.

This December NAPO has also fulfilled its obligations under 3-year state contract by handing over to the Russian AF the final batch of Su-24M2 bombers after repair and modernization.

The two-seat Su-34 fighter-bomber is designed to deliver high-precision strikes on heavily defended air, ground and naval targets (including small and mobile targets) on solo and group missions in any weather conditions, day or night, as well as for air reconnaissance.

Su-34 belongs to the 4 + generation of aircraft by its combat capabilities. Active security systems as well as modern computers allow pilot-commander and navigator/operator of weapons to deliver precise strikes on targets and make maneuvers under hostile fire.

The main distinctive features of the fighter-bomber are:

- large ordnance load and a broad line-up of guided air-launched weapons
- high load capabilities engineered through reinforced design of the airframe and landing gear
- effective digitally-controlled twin afterburning turbojet engines
- in-flight refueling capability
- advanced avionics line-up, including multi-purpose PAA radar, onboard optical search and track station and an integrated defensive aids suite.

The Su-34 can engage in long-range combat missions close to ranges of medium strategic bombers.


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