'Digital Thunder' Camo for Slovakia’s MiG-29

In January 2006, “Hyperstealth’s Fractal Camo Patterns Successfully Tested For Aircraft” discussed digital/ fractal camouflage patterns, which have become a global trend. The Canadian forces’ CADPAT was soon followed by digital patterns on US Marine Corps clothing (MARPAT, Disruptive Overwhite), and derivative patterns for the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Jordan’s armed forces have switched to a new pattern called KA2, and applied it to land vehicles and F-16s as well as military uniforms.

Now the Slovakian Ministry of Defence has announced that all of its MiG-29 fighter jets will be converted to digital camouflage, using a pattern developed in 2006 by the camouflage design team of Dr. Timothy R. O’Neill and HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. President/CEO Guy Cramer. As Hyperstealth’s release notes:

“Once the mechanism to apply the camouflage was in place O’Neill and Cramer set out to combine the Symmytry Axis Disruption of current Russian aircraft camouflage with the American aircraft camouflage Blending technique and merge these with a proprietary digital fractal camouflage to enhance the concealment under combat conditions. Optimal pattern, colors, scale were determined and the result was the HyperStealth Digital Thunder Camouflage.”

For the Farnborough 2008 air show, a Slovakian MiG-29 demonstrated the team’s follow-on “Cloud Cam” design. Hyperstealth release.


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