Pugachev's Cobra

The Pugachev's Cobra (or Pugachev Cobra) is an example of supermaneuverability in air combat maneuvering (ACM), specifically poststall maneuvering.

It is a demonstration of the pitch control authority, high angle of attack (AOA) stability and engine/inlet compatibility at high angles of attack of the aircraft.

The maneuver allows for very quick turns which can make an attack fail, or put the pilot in a position to execute an attack.

The Pugachev's Cobra is considered to be one of the most dramatic and demanding maneuvers performed at air shows worldwide.

The maneuver is so named after the Sukhoi OKB (design bureau) test pilot Viktor Pugachev, who first performed the maneuver officially in 1989 at the Paris Le Bourget air show.

Aircraft known to be able to make the Cobra maneuver are :

Sukhoi 27 and variants (Su-30 to Su-35)
Mikoyan Mig-29
Mikoyan Mig-35
F22 Raptor
Eurofighter Typhoon
Chengdu J-10

Source : Wikipedia

Cobra as demonstrate here by Mig 29


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